About Us

We are giving our services in computer field since 1996. A lot of contribution has been given by us to samaj candidate who have studied at our centre. It was our dedicated thought towards social contribution which inspired us to do some social work so that other communities can also aware that we are not behind in this internet technology era. We started a website jangidbrahminsamaj.com

Since 2004 we are serving our society under the umbrella of jangidbrahminsamaj.com, which is one of most visited website of Vishwakarma Samaj. We have tried, even trying to gather and present all the information of our community in this website. Its your loving affection that makes it more popular.

In the same sequence, we have now started publication in form of monthly Hindi magazine "Vishwakarma Today" from the same location in Pinkcity (Jaipur), Raj. It is our next effort to do something more and to reach more members of our community. Thus this print media is necessary because internet is still not in reach of each of our community member.

We hope that you will like it and your suggestion are valuable for us. Thanks for your visit.
Vishwakarma Today
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